Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Jackpot Winners

Mega Fortune Dreams JackpotWe are aware that many players like to amass as many facts and figures as they can do when playing progressive slot games, and the one most common progressive slot game playing strategies is for players to only play these types of games when the current jackpot displayed on the jackpot meter is higher than the average amount of cash paid out to players winning the progressive jackpot.

This is where our Mega Fortune Dreams Jackpot Tracker is going to be of interest to you, for below we are going to list each and every Mega Jackpot won on this slot game, so by adding up each of the jackpots then dividing that figure by the number of times the jackpot has been won you will be able to instantly work out the average jackpot won on this slot game!

As the Mega Fortune Dreams slot is of course one of the newest progressive slot games to go live at casinos using the no download required NetEnt gaming platform, it may take a while for us to build up a meaningful set of figures, however as the list of jackpot winners grows the easier it will be for you to see when this slot may just be worth playing due to its jackpot becoming higher in value than when it is usually awarded.

Mega Jackpot Winners

The easiest way to keep track of whether the Mega Fortune Dreams slot game has awarded its jackpot recently is by taking a look at the jackpot meters located at the top of the slot games screen. With the Mega Jackpot resting itself to a seed value of a cool €230,000.00 each time a player wins the jackpot, a quick glance at the meter will let you see just how recently that has happened.

In this part of our website we are going to track the jackpots awarded on the Mega Fortune Dreams slot game so you will be able to instantly see a history of when this must play NetEnt designed progressive slot has turned another player into a millionaire.

August 9th 2014 – One lucky player at X Casino was sat at home playing the Mega Fortune Dreams slot on August the 9th 2014 when they spun in those three special Bonus symbols which was to mark the start of their huge jackpot journey.

After lining up not only the outer wheels Diamond Arrow symbol but also the second wheels Diamond Arrow symbol that players heart must have been pounding as the final wheel slowed down and then as luck would have it, in spun the final Mega Jackpot awarding Diamond Arrow symbol in and that player must then have sat there staring at their newly enhanced casino account balance!

The jackpot won was a whopping €XXXX and marks the very first jackpot won on this action packed progressive slot game. When will the next Mega Fortune Dreams Mega Jackpot be won? Well, no one knows but as soon as it is we will let you know.